Here you can find selected articles, videos and other resources about key topics in
entrepreneurship and analytics.

Dr. Saras Sarasvathy explains what effectuation is (open access).

Magazine Articles

Effectuation: cuando la incertidumbre es un recurso

What distinguishes great entrepreneurs? (open access)

Research Articles

What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial? – Saras Sarasvathy (open access).

Effectuation, an emergent theory of entrepreneurship – towards a mature stage of the development.

Entrepreneurial Effectuation: A review and Suggestions for Future Research

What to do next? The case for non-predictive strategy.

Magazine Articles

Five Insights into Intrapreneurship. Deloitte (open access)

Research Articles

Intrapreneurship: Construct refinement and cross-cultural validation.

An individual-level perspective on intrapreneurship: a review and ways forward (open access).


Intrapreneurship: Managing Ideas within Your Organization.


Introduction to data science with R – Data Analysis (open access)

R programming tutorial (open access)

research articles

How to create and deploy effective metrics (open access)  


Data Science for Business. What you need top know about data mining and data analytic thinking

Research Articles

HR analytics: El valor de los datos para tomar decisiones (open access). 

People Analytics Effectiveness: Developing a framework (open access).

HR Analytics: A modern tool in HR for predictive decision making (open access).

HR analytics: A study into the current state of HR analytics and predictions for its future.

In search of HR intelligence: evidence-based HR analytics practices (open access).

HR and analytics: why HR is set to fail the big data challenge (open access).


Tableau 101 for HR (open access).

Predicting whether an employee will leave the company using R (open access).

Web Articles

How HR can apply network analysis to open data (open access).


Predictive HR Analytics. Mastering the HR Metric