Customer Research – Dr. Carlos Morales



Why is costumer research essential for startups? The short answer is because customers are the most important input-providers when launching a company or improving a product. The long answer is not that obvious: because entrepreneurs tend to convince themselves that there is market insight when there may be only noise. So, research becomes essential not only for knowing users and customers, but for having reliable information to support decision-making. However, traditional market research does not necessarily work for startups. It is time consuming and certainly does not develop the agile and meaningful conversations new founders need to have with users and customers.

I offer Customer Research as a service and as a training programme. Building upon Lean Startup and Design Thinking principles, Customer Research covers the complete research process using an approach that at the same time is insightful and actionable.

The service is completely customised to your current needs (can’t be otherwise). I accompany you in developing your customer research strategy covering the entire research process or focusing on specific steps, for example: setting research goals, planning an iteration, developing an interview, or analysing data.

The training programme includes: objectives definition, interview development, data analysis, interpretation of results, and decision-making. Furthermore, experience shows me that new founders take for granted three key areas in the process of customer development: how to develop real testable hypotheses, the skills required to conduct interviews, and the use of findings beyond the business model validation. Hence, the Consumer Research training goes deep in these three areas improving both the quality and usefulness of your information.

On demand: Would you like a customised training for you or your team? Let’s develop a programme on demand based on your goals.