Data-driven Decision Making – Dr. Carlos Morales


A number of companies interested in using analytics to support decision-making do not necessarily frame the data-driven task within their strategy. However, data is meaningless in an organisational vacuum. Without a clear set of business goals, analytics may be fancy, but not useful for improving decision-making.

With this in mind, I help companies to make sense of data using both a tailor made approach based on key company’s information, and a set of powerful tools such us R, SPSS and Tableau. In particular, I may be involved in three aspects of the process:

  • Getting started with data-driven decisions  –  helping organisations to begin the fascinating journey of data-analytic thinking. That is, what to do and how to organise the process to start creating value out of data.
  • Data preparation and analytics selection  –  for organisations or departments that already have data and want to use it.
  • Analytics supporting decision-making  –  covering the spectrum from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. It is based on the data complexity and the value added to the organisation.