What drives me professionally is to create value through research and evidence-based decision making.
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About me

Over the last 20 years I have been department leader, entrepreneur, consultant, professor and researcher in Europe and Latin America. I have led an eighty-people team, started up a market-research agency in Lima, taught in four business schools in the world, and developed projects for a significant variety of organisations; from startups and NGOs, to multinationals and supranational organisations such as the European Comission.

In addition to my professional experience, I have training in business, sociology, and social psychology.

Besides my consulting activity, I am co-founder of the Expats & Spouses Monitor and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of Sussex Business School.

My consulting services are focused on helping companies and entrepreneurs to improve their performance through evidence-based decision-making.

Teaching and Research

Currently, I am Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of SUSSEX Business School in the Strategy & Marketing Department and also Associate Lecturer at ARDEN University.

For a decade, I taught at EADA in Barcelona, one of the top-100 business schools in the world. I was also Professor at CENTRUM, a top-5 business school in Latin America and one of the very few in the world with the Triple Crown accreditation (AACSB, EFMD, AMBA).


I regularly participate in international conferences and publish research articles about entrepreneurship, strategy, career development, and diversity management. I work with quantitative and qualitative methodologies and advanced analytics software such as R, SPSS, Mplus and Atlas.ti
I have also participated in international projects about entrepreneurship funded by the European Union (i.e. programmes Leonardo, Competitiveness and innovation framework, and Lifelong learning).
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In 2014 I got my PhD in Humboldt University of Berlin. In my dissertation I develop models testing how individuals’ motivational values interplay with countries’ regulatory and cultural context in explaining entrepreneurship. Instead of a joined reinforcing effect of both individual motivations and country pro-entrepreneurship features, I provide evidence of a compensatory effect. That is: personal motivations are more important for explaining entrepreneurship in less entrepreneurial cultures. Being as counterintuitive as it is, this finding provides more accurate directions for policy making and entrepreneurial education.

Being focused on market research in 2003, I decided to do a MBA to create more value to my clients. I got my MBA in EADA, a top-100 business school in the world.

I am passionate about social sciences. In the year 2008, I complemented my training as researcher with a Master in Research in Sociology in the University of Barcelona. In my master thesis I test the influence of postmaterialst values on entrepreneurship.  

I got my diploma (bachelors degree) in psychology, with a concentration on social psychology, in the Catholic University of Peru.