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Carlos’s extraordinarily, detailed advice helped strengthen a research project I was recently working on. His insightful and methodological approach to social science research demonstrates the depth and breadth of his knowledge and focus on rigor. Carlos is a thoughtful and patient advisor and I look forward to our enriching discussions.

Düsseldorf-aktiv.net e.V. has benefited greatly from Dr. Carlos Morales’ highly skilled and very professionally delivered approach to business development. His initial advice was well thought through and open to joint development. His project delivery was well primed with sensitive and ethical approaches to confidentiality and risk management. The project report was phased to include informal succession with us on sensitivities it raised and to include the various audiences important to us. We highly recommend Dr. Carlos Morales.

Ute Dickel Stellvertretende Vorsitzende Düsseldorf-aktiv.net e.V. (Germany)

Carlos is a truly inspiring advisor and has deep and broad knowledge in multiple business sectors over every stage of a company’s evolution. With in-depth expertise he is quickly able to recommend changes for improving product and shaping the outlook of your business. Carlos is a pleasure to work with, his enthusiasm, his expertise and positive attitude make him an excellent advisor. I have really appreciated his guidance and my company benefited from his support tremendously.